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Dare to reach new heights in your health and reap the full benefits you have been desiring with Keto. For chocolate lovers, our chocolate flavored collagen is just for you. 

Our Keto Collagen will lead you to triumph in your Keto journey. With any diet or major lifestyle change, it is important to fill every nutrient gap that could occur when eliminating certain foods, as one does on a Keto diet. Our Collagen will ensure those gaps are filled and will assist your new Keto lifestyle in a powerful way. Every ingredient was intentionally combined in our Keto Collagen to help take your health to the next level and support your lifestyle.

You may have heard of this popular health diet but what truly is Keto?
Keto is essentially a low carb diet plan. A keto diet tricks your body into acting as if it is fasting. By eliminating carbohydrate foods, you are lowering the glucose levels in your body. When glucose levels are cut off due to low carb intake, the body starts to burn fat. Your body then burns fat for energy rather than carbs.

So, you may be asking what are the results of this bodily process?

  • Excess and rapid weight loss. 

Keto is short for Ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state when most of the body’s energy comes from “ketone bodies” in the blood rather than from glucose that are present in carb foods. Keto gives you the benefits of intermittent fasting without having to fast for long periods of time.  

Five Steps to Ketosis
There are five primary steps to get into Ketosis
  • First, cut down on consumption of glucose from carb foods.
  • Second, your body then finds an alternate source for fuel, which is dietary fat.
  • Third, without glucose, the body starts to burn body fat. When this happens the ketone levels in your blood hit a certain point and that is when you enter the state of ketosis.
  • Finally, when your body is in ketosis, your body starts burning fat at a rapid rate, which results in quick weight loss.

Our Keto Collagen includes the best quality ingredients to support you day by day as your body stays in Ketosis and helps you get the most out of your Keto lifestyle.


Protein from Bovine Collagen

The protein from Bovine Collagen is also known as beef Collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein found in cartilage bones in the human body. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. There are different types of collagen, but types one and three make up 99% of the collagen found in the body. Bovine collagen provides a healthy dose of the main types our bodies need to thrive.

Bovine is rich in the amino acid, glycine, which is necessary for building DNA and RNA
strands. Bovine also provides the amino acid, proline, which plays a critical role in the body’s ability to produce its own collagen. The powerful amino acids found in bovine collagen are super significant for those following a keto regimen, because amino acids are lacking from a ketogenic diet. This protein from bovine collagen will provide those building blocks that your body needs to perform important daily functions.

One's body absorbs hydrolyzed protein collagen 90% more compared to 27% or less than absorbed in food. Due to better absorption, your body will show and reap more benefits from our protein collagen.

Other amazing benefits of bovine collagen are:

  • Helps treat osteoarthritis
  • Can improve gut health
  • Benefits overall gastrointestinal system
  • Helps build muscle and repairs tissue
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Improves skin quality



Iron is a mineral that is needed for growth and development. It provides oxygen to your muscles and makes hemoglobin, which helps make enough red blood cells. A healthy amount of iron in one’s body prevents anemia from occurring. Iron is especially important in pregnant women, as anemia can occur easier during a pregnancy. Iron also supports energy levels in both men and women.

The other significant benefits of iron are:

  • It maintains cognitive function
  • Supports immunity
  • Boosts and maintains positive mood
  • Prevents restless leg syndrome.

Iron is critical to those following a ketogenic diet because typically someone on a low carb diet consumes less of iron. Especially women may see a drop in their iron levels when on a keto diet because menstruation already depletes iron. Obtaining iron rich foods and enough iron, like from our collagen, is important for a ketogenic lifestyle.


Magnesium is an element and mineral which is also one of the body’s electrolytes. Most magnesium, 99% to be exact, is stored in bones, muscles and tissues. It is the fourth most abundant mineral and is critical for many major bodily functions. It is the most important mineral for maintaining optimal health and is involved in over 300 reactions in the body. Magnesium is one of the 4 main electrolytes present in the body and one of the electrolytes that are significant on a ketogenic diet. It can be very beneficial for maintaining a keto lifestyle and just starting your keto journey.

Magnesium helps with muscle cramps and sleep irritability that are commonly experienced when transitioning to a ketogenic diet. It will also help with overall fatigue during the first few weeks and limit a feeling of malaise. Magnesium affects every system in your body, as it is the fourth most abundant mineral found in
the human body. Magnesium affects muscle function, nerve function and regulates blood pressure. As well as regulating blood pressure, magnesium also maintains heartbeat rhythms.

Calcium and magnesium naturally compete in the body which is necessary to generate heart contractions. When calcium enters the heart muscle cells, it stimulates the muscles to contract. Magnesium works to counter and balance this effect and helps the cells to relax within the heart. Magnesium helps to control inflammation throughout the body and can help a number of health issues that are caused by inflammation. Magnesium can help alleviate Pms symptoms, prevent migraines and help curb asthma symptoms. These all stem from high inflammation in the body, so magnesium is critical for these conditions. 

Other major benefits of magnesium are:

  • DNA synthesis
  • Protein synthesis
  • Insulin metabolism
  • Nerve Transmission
  • Healthy reproduction
  • Fights depression
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Normalize blood sugar
  • Supports higher energy levels
  • Supports bone health



Potassium is an essential nutrient that maintains overall fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Potassium intake is especially important when following a ketogenic diet because when you are consuming a very low carb intake, your electrolytes can drop. A healthy amount of potassium can help limit flu-like symptoms that sometimes are associated with a keto diet and prevent complications from occurring.

Potassium combines well with the bovine protein collagen as it helps build stronger muscle. In addition to building stronger muscle, potassium helps prevent muscle cramps. Overall, potassium is incredibly important for muscle function and building strong muscle in adults. It not only helps the muscles, but one’s bones as well. Potassium protects against one’s bones becoming weak and brittle, which is called osteoporosis. Potassium benefits go far beyond muscle function and bone
health. Having a healthy amount of potassium boosts one’s heart health and even reduces the risk of having a stroke. Potassium works in the body to keep your blood pressure healthy, which in turn reduces a risk of heart attack or stroke.

Other stellar benefits of potassium are:

  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Improves cellulite appearance
  • Boosts energy levels


MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides) are a form of saturated fatty acids. They have very
positive effects on energy expenditure, fat burning and weight reduction. Which is why MCT’s are included in our Keto Collagen, because they significantly help and support your Keto lifestyle. When consumed, MCT’s go straight to your liver where they are used for immediate energy or turned into ketones. While MCT’s are a type of fatty acid, they are not stored as fat. MCT’s are highly valuable for one's body while following a ketogenic diet and lifestyle because they promote that fat burning component that keto is all about. After MCT’s are digested they are then used for more energy in the body.

MCT’s may also benefit non athletes by altering the composition of lipids that contribute to heart disease and diabetes. They support a healthy heart and can improve cholesterol and decrease the risk of diabetes. MCT’s also fight bacterial growth, protect against Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and autism. MCT’s have positive effects on heart and brain health in one’s body. Overall, fatty acids are important in one's lifestyle, especially someone following a Keto lifestyle.


Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride is an essential compound our body needs to carry out various bodily tasks that are important in everyday life. Mainly, sodium helps maintain and balance electrolytes in the body and works in conjunction with potassium to do so properly. Sodium intake is critical for anyone following a Keto lifestyle because it is needed for balance in the low carb state.

When many people begin a ketogenic diet, “keto flu” may result because one is eliminating many foods, mainly carbohydrates. More often than not, keto flu is a result of low sodium. So obtaining additional sodium while living a keto lifestyle is critical to eliminating prolonged “keto flu” and maintaining other critical functions in the body. Optimal sodium levels help preserve plasma volume and muscle mass, as well as proper fluid balance in the body.

One’s body is able to absorb and transport nutrients, maintain blood pressure, transmit nerve signals and contract and relax muscles sufficiently because of adequate sodium levels in the human body.


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