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Mission Statement Great Health Matters! We truly believe in the principle of whole food plant based vegan ingredients to promote overall health and lower common ailments thus giving our customers the power they need and already had for their bodies to heal themselves through the catalyst initiated by them.



The Healthy Herbs Store is the result of years spent researching for some of the world's finest. The relationships that we share with you, our customers, continues to fuel our passion, and push us forward each and every day. 

Our seamoss products are 100% wildcrafted (naturally grown without human intervention), which means they possess 100% of the nourishment, natural potency and strength as they are grown in their natural environment. Our sea moss is harvested straight from the Caribbean Sea surrounding Jamaica and St. Lucia where there is no pollution making our wildcrafted seamoss high nutrient quality. We have our own team of deep sea divers who retrieve our seamoss to ensure highest natural quality. 

Though some of our products are harvested outside of the USA (to ensure 100% all natural) they are packaged here in the USA GMP facility to ensure quality assurance checks for all our products in addition to making sure they’re the best natural products on the market for our customers. 

We truly believe the world is in need of so much healing. For this reason, it is very important for us to provide affordable products that are accessible to everyone. Healing should be affordable, which is why our products are reasonably priced and contain more per package than those of our competitors. 

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"Changing Bodies to a More Healthier State One Person at a Time!"


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