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Healthy Herbs | Yoni Foam Wash - Rose

Healthy Herbs | Yoni Foam Wash - Rose

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The Healthy Herbs feminine foam wash is great for your daily hygiene needs. These yoni feminine washes are made from organic natural powerful herbs with the fusion of essential oils to help maintain Ph balance, soothes skin, ease discomfort, irritation and itchiness, keeps your skin moisturized, gently cleanses, stimulates and moisturizes the feminine area, leaving it supple and free of any odors.

With careful consideration of the ancient knowledge of feminine self-care our foam washes are made of some of the most nutrient natural ingredients to include rose oil and petals, peppermint oil, aloe extract, and safflower extract. Feminine foam wash relieves itching, dryness, odor & feminine discomfort. Your feminine area will thank you for caring it with these natural ingredients that provide lubrication.

The Healthy Herbs yoni feminine foam wash was designed with you in mind, to make your purifying feminine area and skin smooth and comfortable. Our feminine foam wash is commonly used as face wash too since the herbal properties are very soothing to the skin. Used daily, it prevents feminine issues such as unpleasant odors and supports the body’s natural defenses.

Our feminine foam wash is made using only 100% natural organic herbs and oils to assist in keeping your feminine area, and pubic region smelling fresh and clean, moist and lubricated, especially during pleasure times. Our feminine wash is a proven way to help you take control of your feminine health naturally.

Total price: $115.98 $144.97

100% Organic Herbs
Best Value
Assists with Anxiety
Helps the Brain
Overall Health Boost
Made in USA
For Men and Women
Boosts Immunity
Enhances Stamina