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Healthy Herbs | Sea Moss Gel - Sweet Strawberry Banana (16oz)

Healthy Herbs | Sea Moss Gel - Sweet Strawberry Banana (16oz)

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Introducing Healthy Herbs Sweet Strawberry Banana Sea Moss Gel - Indulge in Nature's Sweet Wellness Fusion

Elevate your health journey with Healthy Herbs' premium Sweet Strawberry Banana organic sea moss gel, made from the finest St. Lucia Gold Sea Moss. This natural, nutrient-rich superfood blend combines the enticing flavors and powerful benefits of strawberries and sea moss, meticulously crafted to optimize your well-being and boost your overall health. 

Sourced from the Pristine Waters of St. Lucia

Our St. Lucia sea moss is responsibly wild harvested in the crystal-clear waters of St. Lucia, ensuring the highest quality and purity. This sun-dried sea moss is then blended with Strawberry, Banana, monk fruit, organic key lime, sea moss, and alkaline water to create a potent, nourishing gel that caters to those who prioritize their health and wellness.

Abundant in Essential Nutrients

The Strawberry Sea Moss Gel is packed with essential nutrients, boasting 90% of the 102 minerals your body requires. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this powerful concoction strengthens the immune system, promotes digestive health, and enhances the health of your skin, hair, and nails. The anti-inflammatory properties of this organic sea moss gel also provide relief from aches and discomforts, making it an integral part of your daily wellness routine.

Powerful Benefits of Strawberry, Banana, Monk Fruit and Sea Moss

Our Strawberry Sea Moss Gel offers a wide range of health benefits:

  • Strawberry: Bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, strawberries support the immune system, promote heart health, and provide anti-inflammatory properties. Their high vitamin C content and rich antioxidant profile contribute to healthy skin and hair.
  • Banana: Bananas contain essential nutrients and is rich in potassium, minerals, and electrolytes that may enhance heart health, help manage blood pressure, and boost a person's mood, among other benefits.
  • Monk Fruit: Monk fruit has been used for centuries to make hot drinks that relieve sore throats and reduce phlegm. The fruit's mogrosides are said to be anti-inflammatory, and may help keep blood sugar levels stable. Monk fruit has several benefits, including: Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero sugar
  • Packed with 90% of the 102 essential minerals your body requires, Sea Moss supports the immune system, improves digestion, and enhances skin, hair, and nail health.
Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Healthy Herbs is dedicated to providing the finest natural products for our customers. Our St. Lucia Gold Sea Moss is sustainably sourced and wild-harvested, ensuring minimal environmental impact. We take immense pride in offering a non-GMO, gluten-free, and sustainable product that meets the highest quality standards.

Seamless Integration Into Your Diet

The versatility of our Strawberry Sea Moss Gel allows for effortless incorporation into your daily diet. Consume it directly from the jar, or mix it into your favorite smoothies, juices, or even desserts for a tasty and nutritious boost.

Discover the Healthy Herbs Difference

Join the growing community of satisfied customers who trust Healthy Herbs to deliver the finest natural sea moss products on the market. We are confident you'll appreciate the taste and experience the numerous health benefits of this remarkable superfood blend. Embark on your wellness journey with Healthy Herbs today!

St Lucia Sea Moss, Strawberry, Banana, Monk Fruit, Alkaline Water, Citric Acid and Key Lime
Take on a whole new body with our sea moss gel. This vitamin packed and mineral enriched seaweed gel is the perfect ingredient to enlighten your day. Enjoy feeling energized, happy, and healthy when including this in your favorite juice, drink, dish, shake, soup, tea or even your desert. Combine these incredible healthy herbs with the minerals contained in our sea moss gel and you have a great addition to your health regimen. Also note that our sea moss gels do not contain white sugar or sugar substitutes. Enjoy the many benefits of sea moss and Let’s live a Healthy Herbs life together.

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Customer Reviews

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Best way to eat this is to put it in smoothies. Taste natural and healthy. Thick texture but soft


Great taste makes me have a lot of energy


Very delicious


Wonderful, excellent Healthy Herbs.

Patricia A.

I’m enjoying my sea moss from Healthy Herbs, so delicious and refreshing! I will definitely keep ordering more!


So good , I have 2 tablespoons a day and it’s just delicious

Maritza C.
Strawberry banana seamoss

I love it

Elaine H.

Mkes me feel overall good and joins pain gone


I really did not like it